Our Values- CARE values


Courage- Have the courage to do the right thing. Have the courage to be honest and truthful. Have the courage to have a try at new things and new challenges.

Attitude- Positivity and kindness to others. Believing in myself and what I can achieve. A willingness to support others and value new or different perspectives.

Respect- Demonstrate to others that I care and value them and what they do. Celebrate diversity and seek opportunities to learn from others.

Excellence- Demonstrate resilience and collaboration. Strive to achieve my goals and support others to achieve theirs. Our Values

Student Leadership

Our school leaders are selected because they are great role models of our CARE values. They are voted for by our students, and are a credit to the kindness and helpfulness to students as well as teachers. Our student leaders are a voice for all students and contribute significantly to the wellbeing of their peers, and the fun that happens at school.

School Assemblies

Our assemblies are held every fortnight on a Friday afternoon. We welcome our school community to attend and to help us celebrate the students and achievements we have made using our CARE values. Our students receive certificates for Courage, Attitude, Respect, and Excellence.

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Our Vision:

Achieving Excellence Together- rere totika, rere pai, rere rungarawa re e


Our mission Statement

In partnership with our community, we will provide an environment that will foster a love of learning that inspires learning for life.

‘Students participate in a caring and cooperative learning environment. New students feel warmly welcomed by their peers who take responsibility for their wellbeing. The school values are well promoted, modelled by teachers and embedded. A learning focused and restorative approach to behaviour management is used consistently in all classes. Relationships between teachers and students are trusting and respectful. Students feel safe to take risks. Students with additional needs are well-supported within an inclusive culture. The school has a positive tone, students are settled and on task. ‘ ERO 2019